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Day of Horseplay | Synergy EquineDay of Horseplay
Does your child beg to spend more time at the barn around the horses? Then Day of Horseplay was created with them in mind! This weekly educational horsemanship day is a great opportunity to introduce your child to horses or to further their equine knowledge.

Children are engrossed with all aspects of horse care, from barn chores to animal husbandry. This is a great chance for them to experience a slice of life on a horse farm. After all, there is so much more to great horsemanship than simply riding – and this is a great place for youngsters to learn about every aspect of the horse.

Thursday afternoons during the summer – check back for 2016 dates!
All children ages 5 and up are welcome!

Cost: $25 for each class, or 4 classes for $80

Barn Buddies
Leanne has a great new program for the young equestrian that wants to spend more time out at the barn and to build on their horsemanship. The program is geared for the equestrian from beginner to advanced that wants to learn. They will get hands-on experience with one of our trainers as they learn how to handle, care for, groom and tack horses. They also will discover the grit and grime that goes along with the sport; things like cleaning and care for the tack, cleaning up after horses, and all the chores that may be involved around the barn. This class is a hands-on experience that does not involve any riding. $75 per session

Returning summer 2016 – check back for dates and registration.

Horsing Around
For more advanced equestrians, there is the Horsing Around program, which builds off of the knowledge gained in the Day of Horseplay. This educational program is great for all ages, from kids who have advanced beyond Day of Horseplay to adults looking to learn more about horses. Horsing Around covers a range of topics that are meant to instill confidence and skills handling horses in many different situations, along with some of the responsibilities that come with owning a horse farm.

Some things that may be covered during Horsing Around are: how to set up a jump course; proper striding; gaits and foot fall; equine musculature and skeleton structure; teeth and dental care; and how to find and monitor equine vital signs.

Thursday evenings during the summer – check back for 2016 dates!
Open to more advanced children and adults.

Cost: $25 for each class

Horsemanship Week: Returning Summer 2016!
Horsemanship Week at Lakefield Farm will be a chance for children to experience a wide range of horse-related activities both in and out of the saddle, in an immersive day week-long program. Beginner riders can kick-start their riding and make strides improving their horsemanship skills throughout the week of fun learning activities both on horseback and on the ground. Students will learn how to handle, groom and care for horses, how to tack up and care for equipment, and the foundational skills of horseback riding.

There will be two sessions available during the week. The morning session will run from 9 AM-12 PM, and the afternoon session will run from 1:30 PM-4:30 PM. Students must sign up for one session and attend the same time each day throughout the week. $375

For more information, contact Leanne Albers at Synergy Equine.
Phone: 262-227-6047