Welcome to Synergy Equine

Leanne Albers | Synergy Equine

Synergy Equine is a friendly environment where anyone with an interest in horses can have a fun and educational experience. Whether you are just starting your horsemanship journey or are an experienced rider looking to gain a competitive edge, Leanne Albers has the knowledge and programs to help you achieve your goals.

“Synergy” occurs when results are much more than simply the sum of their parts. As horse people, this is what we always seek to achieve: the moment of pure harmony when the connection between the horse and rider seems to come alive and the two communicate seamlessly.

With Synergy Equine, Leanne teaches a balanced approach to riding that takes into account the whole team horse and rider. Learning to keep your horse balanced in body and mind forms the basis for riding and training with Synergy. The result is a horse-and-rider team that is in sync and in tune with one another, allowing them to meet their goals at any level of riding and competition.

Synergy Equine is conveniently located at Lakefield Farm, just outside of Milwaukee in Grafton, WI. For more information about horseback riding lessons, training and youth education programs, call Leanne at 262-227-6047 or email albers.synergyequine@gmail.com.