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Mission Statement
Synergy means “the interaction or cooperation of two or more individuals to produce a combined effect that is greater than the sum of their separate parts.” Leanne’s goal is to instill knowledge and confidence in riders so that they may understand situations on their own. She aims to give riders the fundamentals to build upon, so they can apply concepts they learn to continue to build a relationship with their horse both in lessons and independently. She believes in establishing a partnership with the horse to become a team, in order for horse and rider to accomplish their goals in any discipline.

About Leanne Albers
Leanne Albers | Synergy Equine
Leanne Albers draws from a lifetime of experience around horses – in fact, she was riding before she could even walk. Growing up on her parents’ farm, Leanne spent all of her free time at the barn with the horses. As a kid, Leanne competed actively in 4-H in all disciplines, along with eventing and hunter jumper shows. By high school, Leanne had the need for speed, which prompted her to join the Wisconsin rodeo circuit to run barrels.

Ever since her 4-H days, Leanne has taken advantage of every horse-related experience she could get. To this day, she is not only a teacher, but a student who is always striving to learn and become a better equestrian by attending clinics around the country with nationally-known horsemen and -women. She even has ridden and worked on a farm in Germany!

Leanne now loves passing on knowledge to other riders. She has been teaching for 14 years, beginning as a teacher at a horse camp at age 12 and shortly thereafter becoming a trainer’s assistant. Leanne also has 13 years of training experience. She broke her first horse at the young age of 13! Ever since then, she has enjoyed both working with young horses and finishing horses for the show ring.

At all levels of riding, Leanne helps aspiring equestrians learn the most essential elements of horsemanship by focusing on building relationships through an understanding of the mind and body of the horse.

Leanne Albers | Synergy EquineSynergy Equine Services

Lessons & Horsemanship Philosophy
In Synergy Equine horseback riding lessons, Leanne teaches true horsemanship to build teamwork between a horse and rider. To help horses and riders achieve synchronicity, Leanne focuses on teaching timing and feel. This means that riders work toward understanding their horse’s movements and mind, always working toward consistency and responsiveness. Rather than always giving students the answers, Leanne often asks questions to get riders to think independently, allowing students to learn to handle any situation that may arise, both in the lesson and on their own.
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Training | Synergy EquineTraining Philosophy
The foundation of Leanne’s training program is based on working with horses in a language they already understand. This means deeply understanding a horse’s instincts and concerns, how a horse perceives us and the requests that we present to them. Leanne uses the horse’s natural curiosity to encourage trust and willingness during training programs. Every step of the way, Leanne works to build a horse that is soft, relaxed and happy, no matter the discipline.
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