“Leanne is one of the most knowledgable, calm and valuable riding instructors I have ever experienced. She truly meets the student where the student is at, rather than coming into the lesson with her own agenda. She helped me build on existing strengths and learn new skills. Her understanding of horses and horsemanship is impressive, and she willingly shares that knowledge, both in the saddle and on the ground. I cannot recommend her strongly enough!” -Christine H.


“The two words that I would use to describe Leanne as an instructor are realistic and patient. The ‘patient’ aspect I have tested numerous times. Before we began together, Leanne asked me what I wanted out of the lessons.  Once I verbalized my goals, Leanne formatted the lessons to reach those goals.  She is positive in all of her reinforcement.  As time went on, many of my goals changed out of necessity and together we formulated new goals and challenges. I have seen Leanne work with many age groups and the outcome has been good experiences for the students.” -Roberta A.


“Leanne is a fantastic instructor who is always positive and encouraging in lessons. Each week, I make noticeable progress. She has helped me start competing again in a way that is fun and competitive at the same time. Leanne pushes me to be a better rider every time I get on, which is exactly what I am looking for as a competitive rider.” -Lisa L.


“Many people are good at what they do, but it is the rare few who are truly exceptional.  Leanne is exceptional.  As a retiree and new rider,  it is easy to be overwhelmed at the prospect of being a beginner at something.  Leanne’s style is filled with warmth and directness. Her passion is felt as she teaches and guides me with clarity and confidence.  Riding before she could walk, Leanne’s knowledge and wisdom are reflected in helping me understand the what, why and how I can become the best partner with my horse.  I witness with awe as she works with riders of all levels.  She inspires all of us to do our best and shares our excitement as we grow in all aspects of horsemanship.” -Wendy P.


“The experiences that our daughter has had from learning horsemanship with Leanne is something that cannot be compared to other sports. The life lessons of responsibility, commitment, and communication, transfer from the lesson ring to everyday. Experiences that foster in Kimberly respect,  maturity, and self esteem.

Kimberly started riding at a very young age with Leanne. Developing a strong foundation for becoming an accomplished rider. Many successes, some disappointments in the show ring have slowly and realistically built her confidence.
We are very grateful  for the relationships that Kimberly had made with both horses and people at Lakefield Farm. What wonderful life skills she will have forever.” -Nancy and Chris M.


“Learning to follow the passions of your children can sometimes be daunting and unnerving for parents. As a non-equestrian parent who has only been on a horse during short trail rides on family vacations, I was taken by surprise when my twin daughters repeatedly showed great interest at an early age in all things surrounding horses. Around the age of 11, after constant pleas from both daughters, we finally took the plunge into the world of horses and began taking lessons at Lakefield Farm and Synergy Equine with Leanne Albers. 

Happily, Audrey and Meredith, now age 17, have found a life-long equestrian adventure with Leanne that has encouraged and developed them in so many different and important ways. Leanne has taught them not only about the necessary steps in how to treat, care for, ride, canter, and jump horses, but also has shown them how to stay positive under pressure, react with self-confidence and persevere under all types of difficult endeavors. Moreover, she has taught them a lot about responsibility for their horses as well as themselves.

I’m also happy to say that safety is a key component in how Leanne instructs her students. For me, finding a place to learn the technique of riding was secondary to finding a safe and secure environment. We were lucky to find in Lakefield Farm an instructor that fostered not only the horsemanship necessary for success, but also taught the girls the safest, smartest way to keep themselves physically sound while riding horses.

Learning to ride has opened many different avenues for my daughters to pursue their love for horses. The Equestrian Team helped them learn to work together with others to achieve personal as well as team goals. Showing horses has given them very useful experience in maintaining grace under pressure, coping with nervousness, and supporting each other as teammates.

As they matured, they started working as feeders at Lakefield Farm. This position has given them a well-rounded view of all the aspects that are required in caring for a horse. We as parents will never be able to buy them horses, but I feel they have been prepared for many of the responsibilities that horse ownership requires should they someday wish to own or even work with horses.

Perhaps one of the greatest values of taking the riding lessons has been the wonderful friendships that have developed and evolved from this experience. There is a great camaraderie among all the riders at Lakefield Farm which I find exceptionally touching because it seems to stretch across age, gender, background and other possibly dividing factors. To see my daughters enjoy these friendships so much is  quite possibly the best thing that has been achieved from their instruction and experience with Leanne.

Leanne’s support and encouragement of this respect and camaraderie among horse riders is one of the best features of her program and the one for which I am most grateful. In summary, Leanne’s approach and style of instruction has given my daughters a great foundation not only for riding and horsemanship but for their own growth and development as well.” – Jana G.


“Before I began taking lessons from Leanne I had reached a point where I still enjoyed riding, but felt like I wasn’t going anywhere. After each lesson my parents would ask me: “So, what did you learn?” And I would answer: “Well, we sort of worked on… stuff.” My lessons consisted of walk, trot, walk, canter, trot, take a break, jump. Then I discovered Leanne. For the first time, when my parents would ask me what I’d learned, I had a real answer. In fact, they would have a hard time getting a word in edgewise between my teaching them all that I’d learned and telling them how much I’d enjoyed my lesson.

Leanne gave me new confidence in myself—on and off a horse. She showed me how to understand, work with, ask, and influence my horse. She told me the reason a horse seemed to misbehave, how to fix it, and most importantly, why that fix actually worked. So many times I have been told to do something on a horse, and sure enough it works, but people have rarely bothered to tell me why. Leanne did, and has therefore given me the valuable skill of problem solving on my own.

Leanne is always positive; words I became very familiar with were: “Beautiful!” and “Nice job!” I would come away from my lessons with a smile on my face and the knowledge that I had worked hard to achieve a goal. She made me feel like I could ask questions—and not feel like dumb when the answer was simple—and she made me feel comfortable just talking with her. I never felt like I couldn’t approach her, even for a non-horse related chat.

The only thing now keeping me from continuing my lessons with Leanne is the fact that—unfortunately—there are now hundreds of miles between us. If I had the opportunity to ride with her again, I would do so in a heartbeat. I learned so much and had fun while doing it, and I would not be the person I am today without my time with her.” -Clara F.