Training | Synergy EquineFrom starting a horse to preparing them for the Show ring, Leanne will work with you to set a plan that best suits the needs of you and your horse.

Training programs will build willing, soft, relaxed and happy horses in any discipline.

About Synergy Equine Horse Training
Leanne’s training programs are rooted in establishing a well-balanced horse. To achieve a horse that is balanced in mind, body and spirit, Leanne will help your horse feel confident in its work, while helping you to build a healthy rider relationship with your horse. To create the best partnership possible, Leanne’s training rates include a weekly riding lesson for the owner.

In order to achieve your goals and execute an appropriate training program, Leanne believes in clear communication from the very start. At the start of your training program, Leanne will work with you to establish your goals for the training to be successful.

Training | Synergy EquineCompetitive Training

Synergy Equine also offers training programs for the competitive horse and rider. Leanne will fine-tune your horse for upcoming shows. As part of the competitive training program, Leanne requires the competitor takes lessons to ensure the horse and rider team gains the understanding and relationship required for success both in and out of the show ring.

For training rates, questions and availability, please contact Leanne at Synergy Equine.
Phone: 262-227-6047